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Published on Aug 03 2015 // New Release

On June 7-9, Christian Music Review (CMR) will report live from the set of Courageous, the latest film from hit maker, Sherwood Pictures.  Fans are invited to tune in to real-time video feeds and interact with CMR founder, Jay Heilman via CMR’s Twitter and Facebook accounts as he interviews the cast and tours the set during the making of the movie.

Courageous follows the story of two law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell and Nathan Hayes, who willingly stand up to the worst the world can offer on the job, but at home face a challenge that neither of the men are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood.  While living up to the highest professional standards at work, they quickly discover that they are missing the mark at home. When tragedy suddenly hits their households, each is left wrestling with their hopes, fears, faith, and fathering.

Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God…and to their children?

Courageous is the fourth release from Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Church in Albany, Georgia.  The film is also Sherwood Picture’s first production since releasing Fireproof, the number one independent film of 2008.  Sherwood Pictures’ previous films, Facing the Giants (2006) and Fireproof (2008) have gone on to become two of the most successful independently-made theatrical releases in the last decade, bringing in a combined $ 43m.

Let me start by letting you know that shortly after I became a Christian, I found myself unable to enjoy the comedy clubs, music and movies that I had once loved. It hit me one day that I had to put all those things away that were not glorifying to God…the crude humor, immoral innuendo, blasphemy and lyrics that promoted sin. Although I was dedicated to my new Lord, (I did put the stuff away), I reacted like Lot’s wife, turning back and looking…somewhat lamenting the loss of “fun” in my life. I resigned myself to the fact that I would never again enjoy jokes, movies or music.

Leave it to the Kendrick brothers to blow away that notion! One of the highlights of the movie, Courageous, is the side splitting humor sprinkled throughout, all of it clean and gentle. No one’s feelings have to be hurt by sarcasm for a joke to be funny, and gross vulgarities are not only unnecessary, but they truly ruin a good time.

In Courageous, we join a group of 4 sheriff’s deputies and a manual laborer named Javier. These men face daily dilemmas related to job and family and learn to rely on each other and God in this inspiring, but humorous flick. How will they respond when the ultimate tragedy befalls one of them?

But this review is not just about the entertainment value of Courageous, but rather the spiritual value. Let’s use three measuring sticks (you could pick several others, I’m sure), to try to judge the merit of this movie. Ultimately, the question is, should you spend the resources God has provided you with to see this flick? Or would your money be better spent elsewhere…there is certainly need all around us.

The basic setting of Courageous is the life of a few families, specifically the men of the families in a town in Georgia. These men are police officers, who are joined by a manual laborer friend as well. The meaningful dialogue creates meaningful character development as they go through day to day life, both on the job and at home. You really get a sense quickly for each character’s personality.

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